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Everybody has their god-gifted talents, whether it be in traditional arts like music, painting, writing, or crafts like make-up, video blogs, cars, and architecture. Our mission is to embrace and encourage creativity in every person. Society has always tried to push people towards the “traditional” path. We want to promote creatives from every walk of life, and show that creativity is something that should be celebrated.

Clothing with a message

A Note From Our Founder, Wesly

"I’ve known for a while that God put me on this planet to be a musician. I can feel it in my soul, you know? But coming from an Asian family, as soon as I brought this up to my family they immediately tried to discourage me from it and didn’t give me any support."


Reaching Out to the Community

"I knew how hard it was for me knowing that I didn’t receive the support I wanted, especially pursuing an untraditional path, and I want to help other creatives who are walking the same path know that their career choice is something that should be encouraged and celebrated, and that there are others going through a similar journey."


Live Their Stories

"All of our models have a creative talent, whether it be poetry, painting, or even less common ones like make-up, or travel vlogs. We want to provide a community and support group for all the creatives out there, reminding them that their talent is something to be shared."


Meet Our Creatives

Wesly Tan, Founder of GFTED Apparel, Strives To Form a Stronger Artistic Community

As with many young Asian Americans, Wesly grew up mastering the ins and outs of piano. At first, he wasn’t really a ...

Christian Garay, A Fitness Beast with a Sensitive Side

Christian and I also met in college, but we weren't super close back in the day. I'm happy to say though that we have...

Alyssa Navarro: Business Woman by Day, Disney Princess by Night

I've known Alyssa for years, dating back to our college days. We came into college in the same graduating class, and ...

Josh Bay Combines Design and Education to Promote Individuality and Fearlessness

Josh's story is extremely similar to most people growing up in Asian American households. Josh's family is a bit uniq...

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