Meet Our Creatives

Wesly Tan, Founder of GFTED Apparel, Strives To Form a Stronger Artistic Community

As with many young Asian Americans, Wesly grew up mastering the ins and outs of piano. At first, he wasn’t really a ...

Christian Garay, A Fitness Beast with a Sensitive Side

Christian and I also met in college, but we weren't super close back in the day. I'm happy to say though that we have...

Alyssa Navarro: Business Woman by Day, Disney Princess by Night

I've known Alyssa for years, dating back to our college days. We came into college in the same graduating class, and ...

Josh Bay Combines Design and Education to Promote Individuality and Fearlessness

Josh's story is extremely similar to most people growing up in Asian American households. Josh's family is a bit uniq...

Tyler Thang, A Phenom Producer With Rockstar Dreams

Tyler is such an interesting person. Originally from Singapore, he has been producing music ever since he was a young...

Celebrity Stylist and Fashion Blogger Autumn Indigo Looks to Make A Statement

Autumn is young, hungry, and full of attitude and swagger. She works as a celebrity stylist during the day, working w...

Mariel Cornel Dazzles Social Media with Style and Finesse

Mariel has an extremely special place in my heart. She has always been a very eccentric, exciting person who always c...

Alexcess Zamora Hopes To Teach Today's Youth About The Beauty of Art

I've probably known Alexcess for about 4 years now. We weren't directly friends per say, as we always said hi but jus...

Kevin Tyler Norman Emerges With Heartbreaking and Emotional Poetry About Love

This book was hugely inspirational for me. I've known Kevin for about 6 years now. We first met when we initially ple...


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