Christian Garay, A Fitness Beast with a Sensitive Side

Christian and I also met in college, but we weren't super close back in the day. I'm happy to say though that we have become amazing friends through the last year, and he has been my designated gym buddy.

The man has virtually reinvented himself. He was very quiet and timid in college, someone who never enjoyed being the center of attention. Now, he is the stud of the room and his knowledge and dedication to fitness is something to be admired.

Christian has been seriously pursuing fitness for a few years now. When he was younger he always struggled with his weight. But, he finally decided he was sick of it, and started pushing himself to be the best version of himself he can be. 

While he's making fitness and lifestyle videos, he also is a full time personal trainer at the most successful LA Fitness in the LA area, AND he has released an acoustic EP in 2016 titled Fool In Love. Muscles and Music, what a baller. 

You can find him on youtube at:

Christian Garay Aesthetics



His Instagram is 



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