Alyssa Navarro: Business Woman by Day, Disney Princess by Night

I've known Alyssa for years, dating back to our college days. We came into college in the same graduating class, and her star power was there from Day 1. Hidden with such prose and professionalism, Alyssa knows how to get balance a strong career with a powerhouse of a voice that knows how to bring a house down. 

One of my fondest memories with her was during our junior year in college where we performed one of my original songs, "ABC Love." She carried the hell out of that performance because her voice is significantly better than mine, but after that moment people were coming up to us and humming our song. 

I respect Alyssa so much because she accomplished so much in college, being the president of her sorority and a Senator in student government, while working for Disney at night playing Mulan in their show "Mickey's Magical Map." She exemplifies what it means to be a good artist: ambition, hard work, and discipline. 

You can follow her on Instagram @alyssugh, and catch her at Disneyland or on Youtube sometimes with her boyfriend, AJ Rafael.


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