Wesly Tan, Founder of GFTED Apparel, Strives To Form a Stronger Artistic Community

As with many young Asian Americans, Wesly grew up mastering the ins and outs of piano. At first, he wasn’t really a fan. In fact, he came very close to quitting and giving up piano for good. Wesly’s story as a musician could have ended right there. Thankfully, however, it doesn’t.

As an unwillingly-talented pianist, Wesly began his career as a musician by developing a conceptual understanding of classical music through piano. Instead of trying to play the notes arbitrarily, Wesly went above and beyond and sought, at a young age, to understand the basic and fundamental workings and structure of classical music.

As his understanding of classical music, and music in general, grew, he decided to give composing a try. This was met with great success, as Wesly began playing and writing Jazz pieces. To this day, he is adamant that his affinity for Jazz helped him learn and play Jazz the fastest out of all the genres he has learned.

As life got busier, Wesly was forced to prioritize, and eventually had no choice but to take a break during his junior year of high school. Wesly went to the University of La Verne as a Business/Real Estate major, putting music on the backburner.

During his freshman year at La Verne however, Wesly rekindled his love for music by joining none other than a music fraternity. To Wesly, it seemed like a cool concept which allowed him to play his own music on his own terms. The fact that the music fraternity conveniently contained many of his friends as members also helped. Soon after, Wesly added music as a minor. He furthered his passion by joining a college Jazz band. And although never professional trained in Jazz, Wesly was still able to perform quite well in his Jazz band due to his experience, practice, and passion for Jazz as a high schooler.

As with many artists and musicians, Wesly has experienced his fair share of inner-conflict and doubt. In the beginning, his relationship with music was self-described as “lovey dovey.” As he grew older and more mature, his relationship evolved. As passionate and as determined as Wesly was and is, no amount of passion or determination can shield an artist, including Wesly, from the loneliness, anxiety, and hopelessness that many face on their journey as artists. Wesly describes this as feeling different, and somewhat like an outcast. While others pursue high yield jobs in engineering, law, or medicine, excited and young artists, like Wesly, find themselves worn down by the relentless barrage of industry volatility and stress. These are just some of the experiences that have strengthened Wesly’s resolve, and have inspired Wesly to create GFTED Apparel.

Futurewise, Wesly is expanding his horizons as a musician and working with a variety of different genres such as RnB. He is currently involved in an RnB project, and his first single is also dropping in August, with a full album following before the end of 2019. Beyond his career as an artist and a musician, as previously mentioned, Wesly is successfully utilizing his business skills and serves as the CEO and Founder of GFTED, an apparel company with a goal of positively impacting artists like himself.


Wesly is truly an ambitious individual with a lot on his plate. Although young, he is armed with an unfaltering sense of drive and zeal which will serve him well in whatever he sets his mind to. He has broken the stereotypical Asian-American success narratives of being a doctor, lawyer, or engineer, and has found his identity as a successful and talented Asian-American artist who can balance his multiple passions and dreams while living a happy and motivated life.

Follow him through his inspiring journey on Instagram and on SoundCloud @wesleezy!


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