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A Brand for Creatives, By Creatives

Everybody has their god-gifted talents, whether it be in traditional arts like music, painting, writing, or crafts like make-up, video blogs, cars, and architecture. Our mission is to embrace and encourage creativity in every person. Society has always tried to push people towards the “traditional” path. We want to promote creatives from every walk of life, and show that creativity is something that should be celebrated.

GFTED Apparel is different than most clothing companies because the purpose of the brand is not the clothing itself, but the message and community of people we are trying to reach. Our motto is “Everyone has god gifted talents. And we should aim to support and foster these talents instead of pushing people towards ‘the traditional path’.” All of our models have a creative talent, whether it be poetry, painting, or even less common ones like make-up, or travel vlogs. We want to provide a community and support group for all the creatives out there, reminding them that their talent is something to be shared.

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