Founder's Story

My name is Wesly Tan and I'm the founder of the company! Thanks for taking the time to stop by our page!

My story is very similar to many other creatives out there. I grew up in an Asian family with mostly traditional Asian values, such as the importance of hard work and doing well in school to go to college and ultimately get a good job.

I started piano lessons at the age of 5 and a half and ultimately ended at 16 when I completed the final grade for the Royal Schools of Music. I am very thankful for the music lessons I was able to receive as a kid, but it's a very bittersweet memory because I got to miss out on a lot of things as a kid because my life essentially centered around music.

Very fortunately though, I like to say my parents guessed my talent correctly. Initially I think they just wanted me to do an extracurricular activity but it turns out that I have a natural talent in music. Some luck haha.

As I got older, I tried doing other jobs but all roads ultimately led back to music. Of course, when I brought this up to my parents, I received nothing but discouragement. They kept trying to push me to get a regular job, get some stability, etc. I absolutely knew deep down that this was not me. I have been self-employed since age 19 and I always hated being an employee.

As I was still living at home for 2 years after I graduated college, I had to do something to appease them. So I went into real estate for a year and half. While I was doing real estate, I was still doing music and teaching, so I was essentially working 4 days a week on music and the remaining 3 days doing real estate. I was busy and doing things like my parents wanted but I was not being fulfilled in any way.

Ultimately, I left real estate after having a really big month because I took it as a sign that it was time for me to pursue my creative projects. I am grateful for the experience and what I learned through real estate, but I knew that my heart was always in music.

I really love and believe in this brand and our message because I feel like it is something that creatives everywhere really relate to. Our society keeps pushing everybody to being just like everybody else and taking traditional paths. There are so many people in the world that refuse to accept this as fact and are looking for something better. And that is something I hope to achieve with the creation of this clothing brand :)

I truly believe that creativity and taking untraditional paths should be something to be celebrated, not discouraged. 

Continue to be original and stay true to yourself. Keep on creating :)

Also, if you want to hear my music it's available on Soundcloud, iTunes, Spotify under the name Wesleezy. That's my instagram handle too :)





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