How We Were Founded

The idea for the brand started out some time around March 2018. One night I was enjoying the devil's lettuce, extremely lost in thought, when the concept for the design popped into my head. I can't explain my attraction to the word 'gifted,' but it started with the idea of merging the I and the F. 

Before losing my thought, I had to get the design on paper. As a musician with no background in graphic design, I instinctively pulled up Paint on my computer and went to work. I played with the colors for over a week before settling on the ultimate design. In the end, the general consensus was the simplicity of the white text with a pop of red. 

First few versions of the design
The initial design was created for myself because it fully represented my values.

One of my biggest values is that I always try to be unique in everything I do. I loved walking around with a sweater that was one of a kind. I chose a black sweater because the contrast would make the logo stand out.

The First Ever GFTED Sweater in Seattle

In July of 2018, my buddy and I were checking into a flight to Seattle at Ontario airport when the guy behind the counter asked about my sweater. He really liked the design and asked if he could buy one for him and his wife. I was flustered because I never really thought about selling them, but my buddy nudged me to exchange phone numbers with the guy, and that's how I ended up selling my first two sweaters.  

The airport guy and his wife!

From there, I started expanding the brand developing the message, logos, experimenting with different clothing materials until I found what I was looking for. I am personally passionate about fashion, so there was a lot of time spent into trying to find the perfect fit and have a material that doesn't feel too heavy or cheap. 

First Batch of Sample Clothes!

After I got the initial design, I went to work designing the brand concept and the idea behind it. I ultimately decided on the concept that it was a brand for creatives, and it would be an amazing idea to have my creative friends from college be my initial models. I wanted to have something that was different from all the other clothing brands out there. So rather than just trying to pick the most attractive men and women to wear my clothing, I picked friends that I felt represented our values and set up the photo shoot to showcase their talent.

My fraternity brother Kevin Norman, the poet

My buddy Tyler, he taught me how to produce music

My designer and fraternity brother, Josh  

And here we are now, one year later from the initial inception of the concept, with the hopes of sharing the creative spirit with people from around the world. I truly believe our message is something that a lot of people are looking for, and I truly feel that this could be the start of a creative movement. And to the journey that has taken me here, I am so happy and excited to share it with you!

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